How to increase productivity of small business?

Every business is a complex organization, whether it is small one, or it is a high net worth business corporation, and it productivity solely depends on management, workers are used only as a tool, in order to increase productivity, management will have to make the decisions, that will determine the future of the business.

If you want to have successful business, you must make a plan, draw up a strategy that will increase productivity of your company, you must know Small-Businesswhere this strategy is leading, whether you want to be in revenue of half a million dollars per year, or you want to land 30 new clients.

Put that strategy into motion. Best way to do that is by talking with your employees and business partners, you may hear some advice that can be helpful and they can give you new insight of the problem. It will be much easier for you, if you get their approval. It is important that every person who is part of your business understands this strategy and takes participation.
Use the technology you already have. It has proven that companies are constantly updating their technologies in order to achieve better result, but they are only using 25% of them. So why buy new computer and lap tops, when you can work on your existing one. What would happen with your company if you started to use the rest of that percentage?

Restrict the use of social media and smartphones at work. Many companies have resorted to this act, so don’t worry, you won’t be the only one. Average person will check her phone 150 times within 16 hours, send 23 text message and receive 22 phone calls. When you present this report to your employees, they will need to realize that their usage of social media and smartphones is decreasing the productivity of your company.

Set up a new working hours. You can offer your employees to enter a program that you will be conducting, you can offer them to work remotely and to have a flex hours or they can stay at the office. You can start a trial period of 30 days, then expand it on three months, if it gives good results. You must business_growthwarn your employees that you will be measuring the productivity, you will want to give them exact information, if productivity decrease, remained the same or didn’t go high enough. If the program doesn’t give you expected results, you can always choose to terminate it.
Look after your team. In order to have successful business you must take care of your team, but also measure how productive are your employees. Because they are the fuel of your engine. There are various programs that you can introduce to them, in order to help them increase work and health at your company. Set up exercise program or incorporate healthy meals on daily basis, or reward them with bonuses for successfully finished project. This will increase their wellbeing and give them more motivation for work.


How Small Business Owners Increase Productivity